Wednesday 1st December 2021, 5-6:30pm
RCA Drawing Collaborates:
Vivien Reinert

with Sarah Mercer, Lucy Gallwey & Vivien Reinert

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Please note that this is an online workshop for RCA students, alumni and staff. 

Join Lucy, Sarah and recent Textiles Print graduate Vivien Reinert for an online drawing class that will invite the attendees to dive into the wonderfully textured, tactile and multi-layered world of surfaces. An experimental drawing session that offers the opportunity to explore and study the immediate environment, random as well as carefully curated compositions through the eyes of a textile artist and designer.

During the session, Vivien will give a brief presentation on her practice and her textile works before doing a short demonstration, illustrating her approach towards this topic. Afterwards she will then lead us through a series of short and long drawing exercises that will investigate and explore different ways of seeing and translating the participants immediate environment with an emphasis placed on reproducing the textures and surfaces in exciting ways. This sitting will encourage a mixed media approach, collaging of various materials and techniques: rubbings, layering, taping, drawing, painting, et cetera.

Attendees are asked to be inventive and open to working with a range of materials such as but not limited to: Paints, pencils, markers, pastels, scissors, yarn, pencils, brushes, glue and different coloured and textured papers. Please bring these along to the session.

The aim of this session is to improve the confidence and ability of the attendees to combine various materials and techniques with one another, communicate the essential elements of surfaces and to detect the most suitable technique/material for the textures and surfaces that they wish to portray as well as teach them about the haptics and optics of their domestic surroundings.

About the artist:

Vivien's practice explores the process of layering and combining a breadth of different colours, mediums and techniques on top of one another as well as imitating textures and surfaces. She is interested in creating structures and grids, or "order", alongside capturing the disorganised and imperfect realities of people in their environments.

Vivien’s work on RCA2021

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