Friday 26th February 5:30-6:30pm (UK)

Our Still Lives

with Sarah Mercer

Register here! Please note that this is an event for RCA students, staff and alumni.

This session will be focusing on how we can create compositions and connect with others through the objects that coexist with us in our homes.

Sarah will be leading a series of playful, experimental tasks using both drawing and collage techniques. Please bring along paper and any drawing materials of your choice. To get the most out of this session we also advise you gather a variety of papers (could be magazine/printouts/newspaper/coloured paper/old drawings/notes), scissors and some form of adhesive (e.g. pritt stick or masking tape), but if you can't get hold of these in time don't worry. If you have an interest in drawing, or just want to try something new, please do join us! 

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