RCA Drawing is a collaborative project founded in 2019 by Lucy Gallwey and Sarah Mercer, working with artists and designers from across the Royal College of Art community. Starting life as an idea in the Art bar, we spent our lunchtimes and evenings planning classes that would bring students and staff together to draw.

Our aim is to provide various accessible approaches to drawing, providing an enjoyable way-in for those who have never drawn, and an exciting new avenue to explore for those who are more experienced. We provide a space to play and experiment, within the college but independent, outside of the curriculum.

We launched this platform in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, accompanying our online drawing sessions, as a way for our artists to connect with each other, see their work together in a gallery and discuss ideas and methods. It is also a resource hub from which we share drawing exercises and ideas. We welcome contributions from anyone in the RCA community and beyond, so please get in touch if you have any thoughts or ideas!

Lucy Gallwey

Lucy is an artist, art historian and educator. She works in the RCA Registry and is a V&A Educator. She recently graduated from the RCA’s PGCert in Art & Design Higher Education Learning & Teaching. Her pre-doctoral research is on drawing methods in 15th Century Venetian landscape painting and drawing forms part of her practice.

Sarah Mercer

Sarah is an artist and collections specialist working in the RCA archives. Her artwork explores the relationship between sculpture, surface and painting. She is currently undertaking her PGCert in Art & Design Higher Education Learning & Teaching at the RCA, with a focus on process-based pedagogy, more recently developing methods for adapting to learning at a distance. 

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RCA Drawing is a community created for the RCA, but our classes and resources are not quality assured, funded or accredited by the Royal College of Art. All images are produced by RCA Drawing students and are © the artist. We endeavour to credit all artists featured on the site but this is sometimes not possible - if your work is shown and you have not been credited correctly, please get in touch. Website © RCA Drawing 2020.