RCA Drawing Collaborates: Vivien Reinert
Textural still life reference photographs

These compositions were created and photographed by Vivien as reference for textural mixed media studies. Please feel free to use them as references for your drawings. You are also very much invited to create your own compositions. You may also be inspired by people or pets in their environment - a composition does not have to be limited to a collection of still objects.

When you a trying to capture what you are looking at really think about the texture of these objects that you draw. Ask yourself: How do the materials you choose help you to translate these textures? Consider using materials and techniques that you are not used to. This as an opportunity to let loose, experiment and play. Paint with your fingers, use collage, frottage, tape, string, glue, fabric, pipe cleaners - go for it!

When you notice that you have become too comfortable with a material or technique: Switch it up and reach for something different. Additionally to that you can also set yourself time limits: Try a series of short drawings, then do some longer ones - how does time affect your observation and translation of a composition? You can always go back into your drawings, add to them and fill in details.

For more inspiration, see what people created during our workshop with Vivien.

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