RCA Drawing Collaborates:
WooJin Joo

with WooJin Joo, Sarah Mercer, Lucy Gallwey

Embroidered traditional tiger by WooJin Joo

This a pre-recorded session that took place on 10/03/21. Click here to view a gallery of work produced during the session, and to submit your own!

Starting points: Learning by copying and working with artefacts

WooJin is currently a student at the RCA studying Mixed Media Textiles Design. Her project explores the relationship between humans and the materials that surround us in the modern world we live in, through the means of drawing and embroidery.

During the session, WooJin gives a short presentation on her textiles work and how drawing plays a role in her working methods. WooJin is often inspired by historical images and paintings, and she copies and adapts these as a starting point for new ideas and to practice her skills.

She then leads us through a series of drawing exercises inspired by her own practice. She shares images that she has collected over time as a starting point, but you are more than welcome to bring along any of your own images that you are inspired by. This could be artefacts you saw at a museum (or online!), an old master’s work you are inspired by, or an image from your own culture that you want to draw from. The aim of the workshop is to use these images, and adapt them to come up with your own imaginary drawings!

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